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I do it alot. I know I do.
Alot of the things my girlfriend says shit me. It's not really her fault, she thinks she can't predict how I'll react to anything, that I always surprise her, and get overzealous about things she thinks I'd have no interest in.
It really gets on my nerves, however, when she starts mouthing off about something she knows nothing about. Its not like I don't share her point of view, but she never considers anyone else's point of view, and this is one of the things that makes me so angry at the world.

The other week in a workshop we were made to sit through several videos about stem cell research. There was several sides to the story, there was a philosopher, severak different religious group representative, a few scientists who worked with stem cells and one man who was receiving stem cell therapy for Parkinsons or some other degenerative brain disorder.
Now you can guess prettu much everyones point of view.
When we got out of class one of my friends asked me what if I was for or against it. I told her I wasn't really sure, I'm not for it or against it, it's not that I don't care, it's just that it's not my decision to make. So whose is it?

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soo glad tom has a ps3
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anyone have much of an idea about tisc?
we're sposed to hear today wether or not we got in.
is it only a vague offer, or is it quite accurate in regards to what you're offered?
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Old journals have too many bad memories, that i just dont want.
i will try not to, but i suspect this will become the same, because i have a habit of only writing when im feeling down.
or when i have found irrelevant information that interests me and no one else.

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